izzy*wise dj demo springmix!

This is my 25 minute dj demo for spring 2011! Shakin’ off wintertime and representing the vibes of izzy*wise with some ELECTRO CUMBIA BALKAN DUB! Tracks 4, 7, and 8 are original/remixes by yours truly! Click the pic above to check it. Right-click to download! Also listen to more music on my media page.

Track 1: Hermetico (Dub Gabriel/Kush Arora remix)

Track 2: Bucovovina (Felix Booty Mix)

Track 3: Samiyam (SDP remix)

Track 4: Klumzia (izzy*wise)

Track 5: Esa Loca Cumbia (unknown remix)

Track 6: Der Kicherer (Dunklebundt)

Track 7: Stream of Balkaness (izzy*wise original/remix)

Track 8: MilknHoney (izzy*wise remix)

On another note, here is a cover by my band LoCura of Mr. Grieves from the Pixies Doolittle album. We did this in conjunction with the SF Undercover project.

Mr. Grieves

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